Butterfly and Bee Garden

Butterfly Bee Garden

Facts about Bees and Butterflies

Bees and butterflies are fascinating insects that we depend on to pollinate our flowers and many crops around the world.

They have many similarities-

  • They have two pairs of wings
  • These insects feed on the nectar in flowers during daylight hours.
  • Both the adults of butterflies and bees are different to their larvae.
  • They also carry pollen from one flower to the next.
  • They are able to see in ultraviolet light.

They also have many differences-

  • Butterfly larvae eat leaves from certain plants, so the butterfly has to lay her eggs where there is a food source. Where as Bee Larvae are fed on Royal Jelly for the first three days of life, and then a combination of honey and pollen.
  • Butterflies have four large wings that beat slowly, and bees have four relatively small wings that beat really fast.
  • Bees have a stinger, butterflies do not.

Facts about Bees and ButterfliesClick here to Read More about Bees and Butterflies.

Why make a garden for butterflies and bees?

Creating a garden to attract butterflies, bees and birds can be a lot of fun and creates a beautiful place for everyone to enjoy. Having bright colored butterflies and birds flying around the garden is not only a lovely sight, but also, they are good for the ecosystem. A garden full of bright colored flowers and vegetables needs pollinators to transfer the pollen so as to improve the production of seeds and fruit, and that is what butterflies and bees do for you. To read more about creating a Butterfly Garden click here.

What is the purpose of a Butterfly or Bee garden?

Butterfly and Bee gardens are made up of nectar producing plants, and host plants where butterflies can lay their eggs. There should also be areas where butterflies and bees can have shelter and also a water source. Bees also need areas where they can build a hive to store the nectar and lay eggs.

These gardens can be large or small, maybe a large field or even a small flower pot or planter. The main purpose of a butterfly and bee garden is to provide them with food, water and shelter through out their life cycles. Butterflies need a place where they can sit and warm up in the sun, and shelter that will protect them from the wind and rain.

Backyard Beekeeping

Backyard Beekeeping is becoming a very popular past time. Being able to keep a beehive in your backyard so as to be able to harvest your own fresh honey. Also, by keeping bees, it will help with the pollination of your flower and vegetable gardens, as well as any fruit trees that you have in your backyard.

To find out more about what you need to know and what equipment that you will need to get started go to Home Beekeeping.




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