About Us

AnneHi my name is Anne Gilbertson and I live in the state of Victoria, Australia. I started this site as I love gardening and nature. I am interested in organic gardening, and planting native flowers and shrubs to attract butterflies, bees and birds to my garden.

On this site you will learn that creating a garden to attract butterflies, bees and birds can be a lot of fun and creates a beautiful place for everyone to enjoy. Having bright colored butterflies and birds flying around the garden is not only a lovely sight, but also, they are good for the ecosystem. A garden full of bright colored flowers and vegetables needs pollinators to transfer the pollen so as to improve the production of seeds and fruit, and that is what butterflies and bees do for you.

I have included some interesting facts about Bees and Butterflies. To find out more information you can go to Bees and Butterflies.

Growing a garden at home with flowers that are going to attract bees and butterflies can be a lot of fun, and also good for the environment, to read more about what flowers to grow, go to Bee and Butterfly Garden.

There also is a lot more people around the world becoming more interested in beekeeping, whether it is a couple of beehives in the backyard or creating a business. It could be a new hobby to start and as a result having your own fresh honey. To read more about backyard beekeeping and what you need to get started, go to Home Beekeeping.