Top 9 Grow Your Own Butterfly Kits

growing Butterflies

Caterpillar to butterfly kits give you the chance to observe close-up the fascinating life cycle of butterflies. Seeing a tiny caterpillar grow into a large fat grub, then turning into a chrysalis, and emerging as a butterfly is a fantastic experience. Butterfly kits can be a wonderful gift for kids. Or, you can raise butterflies to release into your garden to help pollinate plants.

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Creating a Butterfly Garden with your Children

Girl in Butterfly Garden

If you’re looking for a fun and rewarding educational activity to share with your children at home, why not involve them in the creation of a butterfly garden in your back (or front) yard?

To most children (and many adults!) butterflies are whimsical little garden dwellers and one of the closest things we have to the fairies in children’s stories. Colorful and playful, they are pollinators and a fabulous addition to your garden.

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Maintain Your Beehives Through the Seasons

bee mite treatment

General Care and Maintenance of your Backyard Beehive

Once you’ve installed your colony of bees in their hive in your backyard, you need to care for them. While, to a certain extent, they will look after themselves, there are some seasonal tasks you need to undertake.

Many beekeeping tasks can be divided by the season – this is more weather dependent than date-dependent, though. It’s a good idea to keep a check on your bees, but it must not be overdone as it can be disruptive to their natural activities.

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6 Ways to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

Butterfly and Bee garden

Creating a butterfly garden can attract hordes of these beautiful flying insects in summer. Butterflies come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Monarchs, red admirals, swallowtails, and skippers are just some of the types of butterflies you can entice to your yard. These fluttering insects are fascinating and they play an essential role in your garden’s biodiversity.

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