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Symbolism of the Blue Butterfly

Blue Butterfly Symbolism: What Does a Blue Butterfly Mean

Blue butterflies are fascinating creatures, they often have beautiful wing colors and patterns to appreciate. So, it’s natural to wonder if there is any deeper blue butterfly symbolism that makes them stand out from other species. In this article, we will explore the spiritual meaning of blue butterfly species in more detail.

An Overview of  Blue Butterfly Symbolism


So, what does a blue butterfly mean to you? Aside from the color appearance, they are well known for their special significance and this can be applied to your life too. When a butterfly enters a person’s life, many cultures believe they are a messenger from nature. They signify that something important is about to occur, such as a period of creativity, good fortune, inner peace, or an upcoming auspicious event.


Many cultures have blue butterfly symbolism which describes these insects as visitors from the spirit world. If you pay attention to your inner feelings and intuition, a blue butterfly may reveal that something spectacular is about to occur.


meaning of the blue butterflyThese symbolic references extend to other butterfly and moth species too. They may vary a great deal depending on the local culture and customs. But, generally speaking, these beliefs about butterflies are positive and linked to feelings of joy, love, fortune, beauty, transformation, and even life after death.


Some cultures believe that butterflies are representative of the elements of fire and water. In modern culture, butterfly motifs are often found in the work of visual artists and fashion designers. Many children’s books, novels, and movies use butterfly symbolism to impart important information about life and change.

The Symbolism of Blue Butterflies


The true blue butterfly meaning is symbolic in many religions and cultures including Christianity. The nature of their life cycle has a deep spiritual resonance with rebirth, spiritual awakenings, and reincarnation. So, it’s not surprising that many Christians believe that a blue butterfly is representative of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These beliefs are similar to those found in Egypt which link butterflies with reincarnation and resurrection too.


The color of a butterfly is believed to convey joy, hope, and some ethereal beauty to the world. This is why blue butterflies are released at some Christian celebrations, such as weddings, funerals, and memorials. Many consider a blue butterfly to be a visitor from the afterlife and they deliver messages to guide the living.


It has been said that seeing a blue butterfly after the death of a loved one is important to bring the grieving person peace and closure. Blue butterflies have a deeper spiritual meaning to blue sky and water which are calming forces on the flow of energy in our lives.


The spiritual meaning of the blue butterfly


blue butterfly symbolismNative Americans held the belief that a blue butterfly is a spirit animal that changes summer to winter. They also believe that these butterflies can catch a wish and carry it to the spirits in the sky. They would capture a blue butterfly, whisper their desires to it and then release it to deliver their prayer to the Great Spirit.


Blue butterflies are linked to the concept of Feng Shui in Chinese culture where they are perceived to be an important symbol of joy, good luck, freedom, happiness, love, and beauty. If a blue butterfly visits you, you can look forward to some great news that will make you very happy.


Certain cultures believe that a blue butterfly is deceitful and to a certain extent malicious but this is rare. Most cultures tend to view a blue butterfly as a symbol of hope that offers comfort that a person is not alone when they are experiencing hardships.


When the blue butterfly coloration is mixed with yellow and black the symbology changes a little. A blue and yellow butterfly can symbolize a personal transformation, hopeful feelings, and the deeper mysteries of life. A blue and black butterfly encounter can signify a period of self reflection, introspection and it may be a sign that change is about to occur.


The lighter blue butterflies signify calm, peace, and an opportunity to examine your current position and value. If you feel something when you see a blue butterfly in nature, go with your gut feeling and avoid overthinking. Your first impressions are likely to be correct and you may be encouraged to see something in yourself and the wider world that you’ve been missing out on.


Blue Butterflies in Literature and Art


At the time of writing this article, there are four popular children’s books that feature butterfly transformations to learn more about the species and growing up. They are:


1.    The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle


This classic tale is a great story for young children and the young at heart alike. The protagonist is a caterpillar that eats everything in its path to grow strong for the next stage of life. In the conclusion, a spectacular transformation occurs when the very hungry caterpillar changes into a beautiful butterfly.


2.    My, Oh My by Trish Rabe, Aristides Ruiz and Joe Mathieu


This presents young readers with a full story in the form of a poem. In this tale, a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly and each stage is explored in wonderful prose.


3.    Elmer and Butterfly by David McKee


This is the strange and heartwarming tale of a butterfly that becomes friends with an elephant named Elmer. When the butterfly becomes stuck on a branch, the elephant saves it and the favor is returned later. Over time, they become close friends and help each other out as all good friends should.


4.    Velma Gratch and the Very Cool Butterfly by Alan Madison and Kevin Hawkes


In this tale, Velma Gratch, a frustrated little girl that wants to keep pace with her older sisters discovers a revelation when she learns about butterflies.


The Blue Butterfly Movie (2004)


There is also a movie about the Blue Morpho butterfly starring William Hurt released in 2004. This movie is inspired by a true story about a child’s dying wish to catch the most beautiful butterfly in the world. The 10 year old boy believes that this butterfly can teach him the meaning of life. Throughout the movie there is an intertwining of legends and mysticism about this blue butterfly species. The themes include: coming of age, rebirth, and the importance of forging your own destiny.


Blue Butterfly Symbolism-In Conclusion


Blue butterfly symbolism can be found in many places in culture, religion, and local folklore. Even a simple observation of a butterfly or moth can hold special significance that can evoke an emotional response. A butterfly is fragile and yet it adapts to new circumstances and it doesn’t give up when the going gets tough. A butterfly is a strong symbol of the power of nature and this is why it remains significant today.


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