Maintain Your Beehives Through the Seasons

Maintaining Beehive

General Care and Maintenance of your Backyard Beehive

Once you’ve installed your colony of bees in their hive in your backyard, you need to care for them. While, to a certain extent, they will look after themselves, there are some seasonal tasks you need to undertake.

Many beekeeping tasks can be divided by the season – this is more weather dependent than date-dependent, though. It’s a good idea to keep a check on your bees, but it must not be overdone as it can be disruptive to their natural activities.

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Bees on Outside of Hive

Bees Bearding

Why are my Bees on the outside of the hive? This is a question we often hear from novice backyard beekeepers. Is something wrong? Do the bees not like their hive?

In fact, it is called bearding and it is a normal, natural bee behavior that indicates a healthy hive and healthy bees. When you know your bees are bearding and not swarming you need to do nothing but let them go about their business.

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Everything You Need to Know About Bee Smokers

Using the Smoker

Bee smokers are an essential tool for beekeepers to help calm honeybees and make them less aggressive. Bees have a natural instinct to protect their hive and will send signals to other bees that the hive is under attack. Smoke acts as a natural pacifier for bees and causes them to not feel threatened when someone approaches the hive. The benefit of using smoke is that it is completely harmless to bees.

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