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Understanding the Purple Butterfly Meaning

Like many natural forms of life, there is a deeper purple butterfly meaning to explore. Butterflies are generally seen as powerful transformative symbols because we can observe their entire lifespan in a short period of time with a single specimen.


Beautiful purple butterfly on flowerA butterfly begins as an egg, a caterpillar emerges, the chrysalis is formed and then the new adult butterfly emerges. After a short period of rest with their wings spread, they leave to feed and mate and the cycle continues.


So, it should come as no surprise that many cultures around the world associate these fascinating creatures with freedom, spirituality, and the fleeting nature of life. Purple butterflies are rare, if you’ve seen one, it’s probably a Red-spotted Purple Butterfly. A Purple butterfly is a beautiful creature that people often apply to deeper symbolic significance in their own lives.


Purple Butterflies in Nature:


A deep purple butterfly’s spiritual meaning would be entirely lost if there were no people around to observe this species. One more common example is The Purple Emperor which is found in the UK and a great deal of Northern Europe too. This butterfly species prefers a woodland habitat and its favorite nesting sites are in and around oak trees.


Outside the UK, The Purple Emperor can be found in broad-leaf forests in the rest of Europe, North America, and Asia. However, they only live in the northern hemisphere, so we’re unlikely to see them in Australia.

Here we’re more likely to see the purple Copper butterfly (Paralucia spinifera.) This is a rare species, as it is usually only seen at elevations above 900 meters. This tiny species has a wingspan of only 20 to 30 millimeters and it only feeds on a subspecies of blackthorn.


Most purple butterfly species are rare and most have wings that are partially or fully purple in color hence the name. Many species are found in North America, but many more live in tropical regions further south.

One interesting species is The Purple Hair-streak (Atlides halesus) butterfly which is found in North America. The females have dull blue-grey bodies, and the males have shiny blue-purple bodies. This species has small bright purple scale tufts on its hind-wings which is the source of its name.

If you get a chance to look at the underside of a Purple Hair-streak you can see small white spots which are arranged in rows. The purpose of these white spots is to mimic a large face that could scare away potential predators!


The Symbolic Purple Butterfly Meaning


Purple butterfly meaning love in ladys handAs we mentioned earlier, there is a spiritual purple butterfly meaning because purple is an interesting mix of cold and warm colors. This may be the reason why this species is closely associated with witchcraft and luck.


If a person had an encounter with a purple butterfly it was considered to be a lucky event, magical in nature, and a reminder to take chances. Purple is associated with femininity and fertility and it can be a reflection of intuitive energy during dream interpretation.


Following the color purple can often help people to discover things about themselves that they may have forgotten or overlooked.


Purple is Considered as a Royal Color


Purple has always been considered to be a royal color and observation of a purple butterfly could mean that someone important is going to appear in your life. Alternatively, it could be related to the passing of any important person that you admired or looked up to as a mentor. At a very basic level, it may even mean that you should treat yourself and indulge in a royal day to feel special for a while.


This association between royalty and the color purple dates back to the Byzantine and Roman times. The color was associated with emperors, kings, and important military leaders. The main reason for this is that purple dye was expensive and in demand.


As an example: Tyrian purple dye was created when a specific type of snail was crushed and it would take tens of thousands of crushings to create a very small volume of dye. So, this was an exclusive color that only the elite could afford or acquire. In time this rule was even enforced by the law to prevent lower classes from impersonating high-ranking people.


In fact, purple fabrics were not an affordable clothing option until 1856 when the chemist William Henry Perkin accidentally discovered a mauve synthetic dye.


Purple is also a spiritual color


Purple Butterfly Meaning, a spotted purple butterflyWhen people see a purple butterfly, spiritual meaning is naturally associated with this experience. Many species are rare and a sighting can be a reminder that you are on a spiritual journey or that you need to look inward to learn more about yourself.


Purple is a Prodestant and Catholic religious color that is closely associated with Jesus Christ and Easter. So, if you are religious, seeing a purple butterfly may remind you to reflect on your faith and stay true to your calling.


There are many cultural beliefs from all around the world associated with purple butterflies, including:


  • Ancient Greek: Purple butterflies represent true and eternal love and marital bliss.
  • Europe: These butterflies are often thought to represent the souls of loved ones who have recently passed, and their spirits will watch and protect their families from beyond.
  • Japan: The purple butterfly is linked with the cycle of life, death, and rebirth and people that dream about them are likely to experience a great change in the future.
  • Sanatana Dharma (Hindu): This butterfly is considered to be a good luck omen and seeing a purple butterfly is sure to bring prosperity and fortune.
  • China: These butterflies are a symbol of happiness and long life and if two are seen flying together this is a sign that fortune and good luck are imminent.
  • Native American: Certain Native American cultures view the purple butterfly as a transformative and spiritual evolutionary symbol. This is especially true with The Monarch butterfly which is considered to be a powerful symbol of peace and wisdom.

Psychological Perspectives on Purple Butterfly Meaning


Purple Emporer ButterflyIn spiritual terms, purple can be considered to be a more advanced form of blue. But, purple has also incorporated red colors too, which can temper some of the passive nature of blue.


Red is a color of action, when red and green are mixed the resulting color is yellow-brown which doesn’t make much sense. So, we can see that blue may be passive, but it is far more amenable to color mixing because it’s a primary color.


In many ways, purple could be considered to be a secondary color. Purple has been considered to be the color of a divine mind and it can represent a soul in transition between incarnations. This is why some cultures believe that a purple butterfly is a soul traveling to the creator to receive a new incarnation.


Purple Butterfly Meaning– In Conclusion


A deeper purple butterfly meaning will be determined by how the observer views the world and the cultural paradigm that defines their life as shown above. But, if you don’t see the world in that way and you’re not a spiritual or religious person this is still a magical experience. Purple can be a faith, patience, and healing color and the life cycle of a butterfly is a stark reminder that carpe diem (seize the day) is essential to get the most out of our short lives.

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